Catalysts outsourcing services helps organisations cut cost,maintain efficiency levels as well as comply with statutory requirements. We depute employees/cater services to...

» Compliment the specialised workforce for Project Teams.
» Fast and timely deputation/replacement of trained hands.
» Practical removal of staff selection time and Cost effectiveness.
» Fulfill Statutory obligations such as workmen's compensation, provident fund,
   gratuity, bonus, Maternity Benefit, professional tax...
Retainership facilitates to build up best of the HR practices that impacts positively the bottom-line of the Organisation. We are the extended arm that not only advise but hand holds the implementation process. We depute resources at your site...

» To cater professional service at a competitive cost.
» Aligning the prevailing Best Practices with the Organisation Culture
» Sharing the implementation process
» Neutralizing effect of the HR professionals turnover
» Uniform and sustained intervention.
» Effect of attrition with HR would be neutralised.
» Cut cost on the overheads.
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