» Anatomy of a Great Manager
» Understanding Self - Johari Window
» Developing Leadership
» Interpersonal Skills - FIRO B
» Interactive Communication Skills
» Building Confidence through Communication
» Transactional Analysis T.A.
» Time Management
» Team Building
» Grievance Handling
» Empowerment
» Conflict Management and resolutions
» Effective counseling
» Managing Change
» Supervisory Development
» Interviewing Skills
» Effective Presentation Skills

The listed programme can be conducted at various levels in an organisation. The contents of the programme would depend on the level; the training is to be imparted. The aforesaid list is generic any customised intervention/programme can also be worked to make the programme effective. We generally follow Synergogy method of Training to make it more participative as well as more effective. Based on the aforesaid Training programmes many Systems/Intervention can also be build to make the impact of training perceptible.
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